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Compressor equipment

In the production of compressed air, screw and piston compressors are most often used, but at high air flow rates (from 100 m3/min) it is advisable to use centrifugal compressors.

Screw compressor machines offer a number of advantages and are the most popular in compressed air production:

– Long-term non-stop operation: in the absence of consumption peaks, they can operate for up to 3000 hours without stopping;

– High efficiency and performance;

– High quality compressed air due to low oil consumption and integrated oil separation system;

– Low noise and vibration levels;

– Easy maintenance;

– Low air temperature at discharge;

– No ripple in the air supply;

– Flexibility when changing consumption, etc.

Piston compressors are ideal when intermittent air supply is required and during peak loads (in addition to screw compressors). They are also effective in low airflow and uneven consumption modes. These compressors are capable to produce extremely high pressures.

For many years Geheit GmbH has been working in close cooperation with the German company ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH – a well-known and one of the leading German manufacturers of screw, piston and centrifugal air compressors, as well as adsorption equipment, dehumidifiers, filters and other air treatment and purification systems.

Among the wide variety of compressor machines manufactured by ALMiG, we prefer screw compressors of Variable, Combi, V-Drive and G-Drive series.

On request and if necessary, we would be happy to offer you another type of compressor from the wide product range of ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH.

Variable series screw compressors 

Compressor machines with a power class of 16 – 355 kW and with SCD technology (Speed Controlled and Direct drive). This technology allows the equipment to be put into operation only when the production process requires it, i.e. under conditions of variable compressed air supply. An energy saving of up to 35% can be achieved through:

  • Speed control
  • Constant mains pressure, stepless from 5 – 13 bar
  • Extremely good system efficiency
  • No start-up changeover power peaks
  • No expensive idle times.

Power output: 16 – 355 kW.

Volume flow acc. to ISO 1217: 1,07 – 55,55 m3/min.

Operating pressure: 5 – 13 bar (stepless).

Cooling: air-cooled (standard); water-cooled (option).

Drive: direct and speed-controlled.

Energy efficiency class: IE 3.

More information can be found at  https://almig.com/.

The perfect 4-in-1 solution:

– Compressor.

– Receiver.

– Refrigeration dryer.

– Pre- and after- filters.

The COMBI screw compressors deliver 5.5 – 22 kW of power with volume flows of 0.62 – 3.34 m³/min and are fitted with a reliable and highly effective V-belt drive. Requiring a small space of 1 m² and emitting very low noise levels, the compact compressors can be installed exactly where the compressed air is needed, saving your company major investments in expensive pressure lines. Other benefits of these very compact compressors are their low weight and ease of transport.

Power output: 5.5 – 22 kW.

Volume flow acc. to ISO 1217: 0,82 – 3,24 m3/min (for 8 bar).

Operating pressure: 5 – 13 bar.

Cooling: air-cooled.

Drive: V-belt.

Energy efficiency class: IE 3.

More information can be found at  https://almig.com/.

GDrive and VDrive series screw compressors 


Modular systems with maximum energy efficiency, built-in heat recovery system and a constant temperature capability, integrated refrigeration dryer and the latest generation controllers, all that makes an operation easier and with low maintenance costs. The system extensions do not affect the footprint of the compressor at all.

Rated motor power: 30, 37 kW.

Volume flow acc. to ISO 1217:

 G-Drive : 3,91 – 6,52 m3/min

V-Drive:  1,76 – 6,12 m3/min

Operating pressure: 5 – 13 bar with the possibility of infinitely variable adjustment.

Cooling: air-cooled (standard); water-cooled (option).

Drive: direct, with speed control (V-Drive).

            gear (G-Drive).

Energy efficiency class: IE 3.


More information can be found at  https://almig.com/.


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