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Complex systems

Compressed air supply is one of the most important tasks of modern technology. As one of the main sources of energy, compressed air is involved in many production processes of the vast majority of industrial enterprises.

Pneumatic energy to provide a work of air-operated tools or to enable an operation of lifting vehicles, spraying of paint and other materials when working with paint spraying units, transfer and removal of heat when cooling and heating, feeding sand or shots when providing a bead-blasting treatment – this is not a complete list of tasks that are solved by the compressed air.

When preparing the air, it is important to bear in mind that the moisture, solid particles and oil vapors contained in it have a negative impact on the efficiency of all downstream processes. Moreover, the use of untreated compressed air can lead to disastrous consequences for the equipment, downtime, breakdowns and process disruptions. That is why it is so important not only to produce compressed air, but also to perform its careful preparation and purification.

The main equipment to produce the industrial compressed air are compressors of various types – screw, centrifugal, piston, scroll and etc. The heat generated by compressor units is an important source of energy. The useful use of this thermal energy is called regeneration. Nowadays, depending on the type of agent, which cools the compressor unit – water or air – it is possible to get air with temperature up to 80°C and water with temperature up to 95°C. Subsequent use of these media for heating purposes can reduce the cost of compressed air production by 90% when it comes to replacing electrical heat energy. The cost of supplying additional equipment for recuperation purposes is relatively low and provides a quick return on investment.

Alternative energy sources can provide additional savings in energy costs in the long run in relation to heat supply to industrial facilities. The simplest and most common are solar systems for indoor heating using solar thermal energy. Such systems can be integrated into recovery schemes to improve economic efficiency.

Geheit GmbH provides a full range of services in the field of design, installation, commissioning and maintenance for complex compressed air supply systems. We also supply all equipment and instrumentation provided by the technological scheme of the project, assist you in solving any issues with equipment manufacturers.

The main air compression equipment we offer is air- or water-cooled screw compressors from ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH, including oil-free ones, which ensure the quality of compressed air of class “0” according to DIN ISO 8573-1. Piston, centrifugal and scroll compressors are also available.

Geheit GmbH offers filters, separators, refrigeration and adsorption dehumidifiers, condensate drains from German companies ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH and FST GmbH as equipment for air purification from all kinds of solid and liquid impurities.

At the customer’s request, our company develops, supplies and implements heat recovery systems, including the possibility of equipping the production with additional energy sources (solar systems). For this purpose, as well as for compressed air cooling purposes, we supply equipment from leading European manufacturers:

  • Alfa Laval and Swep heat exchangers – plate heat exchangers and air coolers.
  • IMP Pumps and KSB pumping equipment.
  • Heliosystems from Viessmann, Buderus, Bosch, any other company on request.


Another field of activity of Geheit GmbH is the production and supply of modular compressor stations. These are compact and mobile solutions for autonomous provision of enterprises with compressed air, including combined extract-and-input system, heating and lighting systems, placed in special metal containers.

Our experience in combination with highly efficient and reliable equipment from leading European companies is a guarantee of high quality and efficiency of our projects.

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